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Having its roots deeply embedded into the 19th century, the football club was initially founded by two young men who shared a common passion for this sport. During the First World War, when things weren’t that permissive in terms of sports and especially football, the football club grew constantly, until it reached the popularity it commands today. Since they were school colleagues, the two friends shared a common passion for football and dreamed of setting up their own football club where they could train others and form a team to compete in tournaments all around Europe and the world.

Time passed and the end of the First World War marked the first stage in the development of the club, when the two men decided on taking a loan in order to get the legal aspects in order. From then on, things were a bit easier and as they managed to pull all the necessary resources, things started to take shape quite rapidly, especially considering the difficult times World War 2 brought with it. Spreading the news in their local town helped tremendously and lead to a surge in people who wanted to practice the sport in a club.

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