Past Season Results and Scoring for our Fans

In the following pages, you will be able to find detailed information about the club’s results from the past seasons and view exact score details for each of the match.

club's resultsProviding precise information concerning the team’s evolution and match development, the football club hopes to engage everyone in performing an analysis, on a basic or advance level, of their strategies, constituent players, their different roles and corresponding results. By doing this, the club owners and the team captain hope not only to make the fans proud that they can take part in the team’s strategy, but also in order to use this to their advantage as they always believed firmly in their fans and people at large.

One will be able to view the results by navigating to the said year, selecting the desired tournament and apply the required filters in order to expedite the search process. The search results can then be refined further by selecting only the players who have scored goals or who had an important role in development of particular matches.

The displayed scored is compliant with all the rules and the overall regulatory framework imposed by the European Football Association, and therefore fans can be rest assured as the displayed results and scores are accurate and updated to meet the current game requirements. Those who are avid followers of the team’s activity and sense that details have been omitted or match results have been mixed up accidentally, can write to us and based on their evidence and documentation, the site will to take the corresponding actions and either correct or update the respective information.

During the last 30 seasons since the team has been its current form, the results have been fluctuating, depending on the opponents, the physical and mental condition of the players in the time of the matches or simply because of change. However, the club owners feel confident that only good results are to come and that the team will do a splendid job at the upcoming tournaments and matches.

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