News, Events and Achievements of the Team

In the following pages, you will be able to find detailed information about the latest news concerning the clubs, its team and members, as well their achievements.

achievementsHaving a very busy schedule, many upcoming matches that are programmed in the current and future seasons, the teams are traveling and moving from place to place. Fans can enjoy the different interviews which were recorded by the various media channels, and several galleries with numerous photographs of the players providing an insight into the different matches, both past and current. You can browse a complete archive of photographs, short movies and slideshows of the different events that marks the most important milestones in the club’s evolution.

For those who are even more passionate about the game and club, the dedicated news-feed presents up-to-date logs with the current events, all in a comprehensive interface that offers filtering and sorting capabilities for making things easier for the fans. The team’s achievements are listed chronologically, right since the club received its independent status, up until the present day and people will be able to interactively participate in a journey that spreads over more than 70 years. Be it just hearings, gatherings or fundraisers that have been initiated by the club, they are all listed here along with the match results, for you to read.

The profiles of club’s members, both past and present can be viewed in the dedicated section, where each has a short description and biography, where users will be able to get a sense of what each team member looks like and who are his ideals for the club. Several photographs, together with autographs and individual trophies of members can be seen for the fans’ delight. The site invites everyone to take this journey together with the team members and discover them and their roles in the club by navigating in this dedicated page.

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