Detailed Match Analysis for our Fans

FansFor those who are really passionate about football and match analysis and statistics, this page offers a detailed view of each player’s match evolution and performance, with detailed information about goals, run times, passes, followed strategy and physical condition. Other aspects, such as fouls and received red or yellow cards are also provided, and fans will be able to access and download this statistical data to use for their own research.

All the presented data is official that has been registered by the football club’s officials which are entitled with statistical data collection, match analysis and strategy development. The club’s members and owners are confident that by offering it to the public and listening to all potential analysis and interpretations, they will be able to improve the team’s performance and score better in the following matches. This being said, all those who are interested in the team’s game strategies and wish to take active part in the analysis process are welcomed to download the data, crunch the numbers and perform their own interpretation and analysis. All the results can then be either posted on this page or on the football club’s forum, which is always “open” for everybody.

Detailed information about the match duration, number of goals, attempts per gate, attempts per round, number of passes (both successful or failed), together with numerous other information is available for download and analysis. People who wish to see matches that are catalogued in the football club’s archive must make a special request through email, stating the name of the tournament, the date of the match and other relevant aspects such as referee, goalkeepers and team composition at the moment and the club’s specialized staff will return detailed records and information that meets the required criteria.

Live chat with the team’s trainers is also possible, this way users being able to transmit their analysis results much faster and even debate them with the club’s trainers and specialized staff.

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