Buy Souvenirs and Official Football Club Equipment

SouvenirsFor those who want to keep their football spirits alive, for them it means collecting related items such as souvenirs and football equipment. The football club’s website has a dedicated page where you can buy these items. A standard purchasing interface is provided, which allows one to select the preferred items, add them to a virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout where details such as the address, telephone number or email account are required to be provided.

In order to promote their image as much as possible, the football club allows their fans to browse and shop for a wide range of products, which are aimed at satisfying the requirements of everyone. Be it fridge magnets, badges, simple shirts or fluffy mascots, the club’s online store will allow them to buy everything.

Those who are really passionate about the sport and are interested in equipments and other official items, can access the special section which is dedicated entirely to the football equipments used by the team. T-shirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, hats, socks and footwear, the club’s store page has them all, each with the intricate details that characterize the player, such as the number, name and specific requirements such as tailoring or custom sizes.

All the offered equipment items are official issues and are certified by the European Union and the club’s owners to meet the same quality standards as the equipments that the team’s players are using on the field. Any manufacturing defects or faults that you might find are covered by a 3 month guarantee for the football equipment and 1 month for the souvenirs.

A special children range offers football fans several toys that are especially designed for children, and will offer families a joyous way of sharing the sport with their children, by giving them custom toys such as plush balls, pets, player figurines or miniature football boots and referee flags, cards and whistles.

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