A Special Thanks to all of our Sponsors

SponsorsThe Prestigious Football Club wishes to thank to all its generous sponsors who have helped make all of this possible. The following page lists all of their sponsors, their exact participation in the team’s evolution and all the benefits that they have brought to the club’s development.

Ever since its humble beginnings, the football club had some sponsors, although not officially, they were supported by the local authorities, who had an underlying passion for the sport and gathered all the necessary funds for organizing matches, training the club’s team members and ensure that they have all the required equipments in order to keep things running smoothly.

Once the Second World War was over and the economic aspects in the country began to clear up, the football club began to receive sponsorship offers which came in increasingly large numbers as their popularity grew. The national sports administration was the first to contact them for a sponsorship plan and it was the first one to actually sign a permanent contract, which is still in effect up until these days.

As things got even more accessible, the football team was able to request sponsorship overseas, reaching out for help to bigger companies, which eventually led to their growth, evolution and better results.

Nevertheless, big or small, the sponsors’ contribution to the football club never remained unnoticed and to this day, the club’s owners maintain a grateful attitude towards their sponsors and always mention them at all the competitions they participate in, both in their country and abroad, this way making sure that their sponsors become known on a larger scale and that both parties benefit from the partnership.

As far as young talents and club aspirants go, the football club’s owners are always available to help any person out there in order to get acquainted with the sport and get training in order to make a career out of this. All people need to do is to use the provided contact page and let the owners know about their wishes and one way or another, a form of sponsorship can be established.

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